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Since 2003, the DFW Disc Golf Center has strived to carry the largest variety of disc golf products in the DFW area.

We are authorized dealers for all leading disc golf manufacturers, and always have the latest discs in stock as well as many other products like bags, markers, towels, shirts, and baskets. We are located just around the corner from Veteran’s Park in the Garden Plaza Shopping Center.


We currently do not sell through the website but will soon. We will let you know when we are ready for you to purchase through the website.


DFW Disc Golf Center has everything you could need.

Whether it’s the discs, the baskets, the accessories, or the apparel, we’re here to make your experience something special.

We have everything you could need for the best putting experience possible. Disc golf is a sport we love to play, and we cannot wait to share our hobby with you. Your disc golf adventures are about to become a whole lot more fun. Our store offers

Large Selection & Variety

Astounding Customer Service

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